Meet Angelea Rose Photography Servicing Kansas City & Springfield, MO

Hello! It's me, Angelea Rose!

I am a mix of Portuguese, Italian & Mexican (who knows what else). My name is also a mix of my heritage...It’s very much a family name, pronounced (An-juh-lee-uh). 


Angelea is a combination of my Grandma Angela’s name & my Vovo Leocadia’s name (BTW…Vovo is Portuguese for Grandma). Rose was my Vovo’s mom’s name as well as my great aunt’s name. 


I rather like my unique name, and the story behind it, so I decided to use it for my business name. I’m excited to learn more about you and capture what makes you unique on film.


Meet Angelea Rose Photographer

I. "All who wander are not lost"

This quote describes me perfectly.

II. French Fries All Day Long

Since I was a toddler they've been my favorite.

III. Sunsets & Walking Barefoot

Who could ask for anything better?


Leah & Sam

“Sam contacted Angelea about photographing a surprise proposal. Not only did she capture the moment for us to always remember, but she kept Sam calm while he waited to surprise me. We loved her so much that we used her again for our Engagement portraits, phenomenal!”

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